Discover The Amazing Health Benefits of Bee Products – Propolis and Royal Jelly

Discover The Amazing Health Benefits of Bee Products – Propolis and Royal Jelly

Propolis consists of every one of the vitamins aside from vitamin K. Of all the 14 minerals the human body requires for normal function, propolis includes all but one, sulfur. It contains a number of unidentifiable compounds that create a perfectly balanced food substance. It also has 16 amino acids that have been identified, and more bioflavanoids (necessary for anti-inflammatory action within the human body) than found in oranges. It is antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.

This bee’s product has been used throughout many centuries for its natural antibiotic capabilities. Propolis is still able to effectively combat bacterial strains which have become resistant to modern synthetic antibiotics. The bee is the only insect ever to have been found to be bacteria free, due to the action of the propolis. Propolis has no known side effects. It boosts the immune system while fighting invaders, something prescription antibiotics cannot do. Propolis also has demonstrated a remarkable ability to disable viruses. When prescription antibiotics must be used, propolis has proven to boost the effectiveness of the prescription, while strengthening the body and drastically reducing recovery times. Propolis is given to patients in Russia before and after surgery to help in healing and prevent infection, and to boost the levels of energy during the recovery process. It is often mixed with garlic to make a powerful infection fighter, killing viruses and bacterial invaders without harming the beneficial bacteria needed by the body to function properly.

The bioflavanoids in propolis make it a superb anti-inflammatory. It also enables it to be so effective in boosting the body. Propolis is very useful in treating allergies, ulcers, skin ailments (internal and external use), cancer, infections of all sorts, colds, flu, bronchitis, ear problems, gum disease, headaches, acne, sunburn, respiratory problems, fatigue, sore throats, skin diseases, and even Parkinson’s disease, according to extensive European studies.

The health benefits of Royal Jelly are extensive and universities around the world are now studying this magical compound more and more frequently in an attempt to further understand it.

Royal Jelly contains hormones, nutrients, enzymes and biocatalysts that greatly impact the function of cells, help with gland secretion, boosts the metabolism function and helps with blood circulation.

A German MD concluded that Royal Jelly has an interwoven complexity of factors that all work to help with the life and strength of the organisms in the body. It helps slow down aging and preserves the mind. It helps people to keep a youthful mind and body.

In fact, I put together a quick list of Royal Jelly benefits from a variety of sources:

  • is a nutritional energy supplement
  • regulation and balancing of hormones
  • helps with insomnia and other sleep problems
  • possibly extends life span with its antioxidant properties
  • lowering of lipids and cholesterol
  • enables the immune system to better fight viral and bacterial infections
  • reduces estrogens which can cause cancer
  • helps with bronchial asthma
  • serves as a protector of the liver
  • helps keep skin smooth, toned and elastic
  • can give more physiological support for pregnant or menopausal women
  • kills bacteria like staph
  • aids in re-growth of bone works to help build muscle and tissue
  • aids healing
  • aids fertility and can cure impotence
  • helps build body strength
  • relieves arthritis pain
  • aids in weight control
  • aids memory and brain function
  • elevates mood
  • helps relieve anxiety

A French doctor, wrote about the benefits of Royal Jelly in Natural Therapeutics.

He said that Royal Jelly works for digestive disorders like ulcers and constipation. He credited it with assisting the cardiovascular and circulatory systems fight illness and disease. He said Royal Jelly can help with impotence and sexual problems with both males and females. He also credited it with helping with skin problems like acne or dry skin conditions. He went on to say that studies have shown it has been linked to helping with nutritional problems in premature infants so they could gain weight.
He also gave Royal Jelly credit for helping people who suffer from anxiety, mood disorders, sleep troubles and memory problems. Plus he said it helps with building the body defenses against something as common as the flu.

I have no doubt that with all the viruses currently going around, more and more people will discover just how amazing Royal Jelly benefits can be. To buy royal jelly Australia click the link.

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