Supervised exercise program can reduce pain in those with arthritis of the hip, research finds.

Exercise and Arthritis of the hip  

Now it might seem like the bleeding obvious that if you’ve got arthritis of the hip, doing some exercise is good for you. Well, the evidence hasn’t been so clear and in fact one large trial suggested that exercise when you’ve got arthritis of the hip might make the pain worse.

That made researchers bring together the evidence from trials of aerobic exercise and strengthening exercises in people with arthritis of the hip or knee arthritis as well as hip arthritis.

And what they found was that you could get pain relief from exercises, but they had to be in programs supervised by people who knew what they were doing – like physiotherapists – and it had to be at least one session a week for four weeks. (In the study that showed increased pain, people were merely handed an instructional video, and many didn’t even do the exercises.)

The level of pain relief was about the same as taking paracetamol or ibuprofen. So not huge, but enough to be noticeable.

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