Tasmanian Honey Company gift box of three different honeys (350g each)

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Product Overview

These gift boxes of quality Australian honey contain three tins, each containing a different type of genuine Tasmanian honey. Each 350gms tin, and the box itself, are beautifully presented, making this a wonderful gift. They're ideal as a small taste of Australia for overseas visitors or friends. Or just as a reminder of back home for expatriates in distant lands. As a sampler of Australian or Tasmanian honey they're also ideal.

They include a tin of leatherwood honey with its unique, delicious flavour and fantastic sweet floral bouquet. Also included is a jar of wonderful Tasmanian meadow honey with its smooth and pleasing flavour. The third tin is xmas bush honey made from the blossoms and nectar of the pirckly box tree, that typically flowers around Christmas time.

As with all Tasmanian Honey Company products, the honeys in these gift packs have been extracted and packaged at a maximum of 45 degrees to ensure that all the natural flavours and goodness are retained. 

This also gives these honeys a creamy, almost buttery texture, and a soft, smooth consistency.
Known as candied or fancy grade honey in the USA, this honey feels wonderful in your mouth and is your guarantee that the honey has not been overheated, or diluted with syrup.

With an exceptionally long shelf-life, the Tasmanian Honey Company's honeys remain good to eat virtually for ever. 
With each tin featuring a beautiful graphic design, this uniquely Australian product, makes an ideal gift.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review